About sixty six of experience in the field of testingEconomic Research, 

Promoting the marketing of textiles


 Textile Consolidation Fund (Tcf) Establishment:-

TCF was established in October 1953 as an independent organization, body sponsored by the

 textile industry and supported by the Minister of Trade and Industry with a view to seeking solutions to the

 problems facing this industry in Egypt.

  Tcf Main Objectives Were Set Up As Follows:-

        laboratories,research institutes and training centers, with a view to raising the technical and

        professional standards of this industry in cooperation with the scientific and specialized bodies.

  Tcf Is Controlled By A Twelve Members "Permanent Committee" Composed As Follows:-

        Textile Industries "ECTI" for a period of two years and they can be re-elected.

        Foreign Trade, and Cotton.

  Tcf Permanent Committee's Duties Are As Follows:-

        problems facing the textile industry in Egypt and present suggestions for directing laborers of

        undeveloped mills to various jobs.

 To realize the objectives of the TCF mentioned above it should be accomplished through two main activities:            

  one is commercial and the other is technical.

 The commercial activity is divided between two departments, The Marketing Research Department and

 Statistics Department. The technical activity is achieved by three centers, Textile Quality Control Center,

 Textile Development Center and Textile Information Center.

  A: Commercial Activities:-


       clothing trade.


  B: Technical Activities:-


       developing the center of Testing and Control and expanding its activities to become an international Textile

       Quality Control Center (TQCC).

  Textile Quality Control Center Activities:-

 Evaluate mechanical and chemical properties of final textile products for exports.

       control technicians and providing technical consultancy and troubleshooting services.


 In 1977 another agreement was signed between the TCF and The UNIDO to establish theTextile Development


  Textile Development Center Activities:-

 Provide pilot plant and testing laboratories to carry out work on the industrial problems.

       and others.


 In 1979 the Information Center was established in cooperation with UN's UNIDO. The Center included a

 technical library specialized in textile field.

  Textile Information Center Activities:-

  Collect information in the field of textile industry.